Make It Special [PMV by Feedsy]
Published: 4 years ago
Visuals created by Feedsy for our documentary. Please go subscribe to his new channel! Music created by Foozogz.
What RUINED Sony Pictures Animation?
Published: 2 months ago
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What the HELL is Squirrel and Hedgehog? (The North Korean Propaganda Cartoon) | A Review
Published: 1 month ago
North Korea has its own crazy cartoon show and its all about the propaganda. Who would have thought anthropomorphic critters could be so violent?
Cartoons and Conclusions: What Gravity Falls Did RIGHT
Published: 11 months ago
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Is Animation a Joke?
Published: 1 year ago
Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY got some respect at the Oscars but what about animated films? When will they be taken seriously? Follow me on Twitter: ...
What's RUINING YouTube?
Published: 6 months ago
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The Fall of YouTube (TheFineBros Incident)
Published: 1 year ago
TheFineBros have trademarked "react", YouTube is unfairly taking down people's videos and channels are being terminated with unreasonable cause. Is this the ...
Top 10 WEIRD Parts of YouTube
Published: 1 year ago
There are millions of odd videos on YouTube but what categories are the weirdest? What are the strangest genres on YouTube? Well...let's take a look! Follow ...
Everything WRONG with the New Powerpuff Girls 2016 Reboot
Published: 1 year ago
Is the new Powerpuff Girls reboot bad?...yes...BUT WHY?! Is there anything good about the show? My Patreon: Follow ...
What's RUINING DreamWorks?
Published: 7 months ago
Video Sponsored by The Pixel Empire Use the code SABERSPARK for 15% off your purchase! Enter for you chance to win 1 of ...
What's RUINING Teen Titans? (The Hidden Truth)
Published: 18 days ago
The Teen Titans franchise is full of questions...why was the original show cancelled? Why wasn't it brought back in 2013? Why do we have Teen Titans GO ...
Top 10 WORST Cartoon Couples
Published: 3 months ago
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