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On the Road: The carnival game master
Published: 5 years ago
As part of our continuing series "On the Road," Steve Hartman profiles 63-year-old Peter Drakos - arguably the best in the world at carnival games.
1986: Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams improvise
Published: 4 years ago
Comedians Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams put on an impromptu show for Ed Bradley and the 60 Minutes crew in 1986. Winters, who Bradley described ...
Coldplay's Chris Martin plays at Beau Biden funeral
Published: 2 years ago
The Coldplay frontman performed solo at the funeral services of Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden and a longtime fan of the musician.
Oprah Winfrey's "Note to Self" advice: "Relax"
Published: 4 years ago
Media superstar Oprah Winfrey took part in the "CBS This Morning" recurring segment, "Note to Self," in which she read a letter to her younger self.
Okla. tornado survivor finds dog buried alive under rubble
Published: 4 years ago
Barbara Garcia, a survivor of the massive tornado that struck an Oklahoma City suburb, found her dog buried alive under the rubble during her interview with ...
Frank Underwood crashes Tony Awards
Published: 4 months ago
A few of your favorite "House of Cards" characters took the stage at the 2017 Tony Awards in New York City. Subscribe to the "CBSN" Channel HERE: ...
"Granny pods": High-tech cottage offers new elder care option
Published: 4 years ago
A new elder care option called the MedCottage is an apartment equipped like a hospital room that can be set up in your backyard. CBS News' Wyatt Andrews ...
Christopher Hitchens, still outrageous
Published: 6 years ago
Steve Kroft profiles Vanity Fair columnist, author and public intellectual Christopher Hitchens, for whom nothing is off-limits when making his wry and often ...
Obama stops for ice cream in Cedar Rapids
Published: 5 years ago
Following a campaign speech to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Tuesday, President Obama stopped by a local ice cream shop and deli, where he mingled with ...
Angelou On The Power Of Words (CBS News)
Published: 10 years ago
The comments shock jock Don Imus made about the Rutgers women's basketball team sparked off a national debate about the power of words. Poet Maya ...
Mozart of Chess: Magnus Carlsen
Published: 5 years ago
At age 21, chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen is the number one player in the world and says he loves to see his opponents squirm. Watch more HERE: ...
CBS This Morning - Artist Chuck Close writes note to younger self
Published: 5 years ago
In the latest installment of "Note to Self," famed portrait artist Chuck Close writes a letter to himself at age 14, offering himself advice on how to overcome his ...
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